snabditel.bg is a website  for wholesale, which is designed to assist  the work of “Logistics” and “Sourcing and Procurement” departments in dealing with the supply of materials to ensure production in mechanical engineering, electrical industry, chemical industry, production of lacquer , paint and other products.

The sections of the site are located on the upper side of the screen, you will find information about the systematic nomenclature and technical characteristics of the materials for which we can provide you with information, or make you an offer to supply.

Additionally, our goal is to  post online references and technical information that will help you in choosing  or replacement of materials or products.

Our partners are suppliers, manufacturers and trading companies, who have warehouses in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Sweden and other European countries.

Our long experience in  trade as well as the excellent relationships with our partners allow us to be competitive and offer the best conditions to deliver  the materials you are looking for.

Any request made to our team will be handled carefully and you will receive detailed information about our capabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us.