Rolled Titanium Products

We can offer different types of titanium rolled stock.

Titanium is often used in alloy with other metals such as aluminium, vanadium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum.

Parts and articles of titanium castings are widely used in aviation, aerospace and shipbuilding.

Titanium powder is also used in pyrotechnics as a source of bright light particles. About 95% of titanium extracted worldwide is used in the form of titanium dioxide (Ti02, titanium dioxide titanweiss), which is a bright white permanent pigment used in the manufacture of paper, paints, toothpaste, cement, plastics, precious and semiprecious stones. It is also used to increase the strength of carbon products such as tennis racquets, fishing rods and golf stix. Paint titanium dichloride in its composition is significantly more resistant to high temperatures, in part with self-cleaning properties and is less prone to interference from the marine environment.

Thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent corrosion resistance, and its ability to be subjected to high temperatures without deforming, titanium is used in aircraft industry. Titanium elements are found in the automotive industry, especially in racing bikes and cars because of its strength and light weight. In the mass production of automobiles, however does not apply, except for products of the highest class because of its high price.

Titanium is used in tennis racquets, golf sticks, frames and components for bicycles. In 1999,hammer head made of titanium was put in the market, which due to its low weight has a long handle that increases attack speed and force applied to the nail. At the same time recoil on the hand holding the hammer is reduced to 3% (for comparison, recoil in standard steel hammer is about 27%). Recently more and more tourism products are made of titanium because of its low weight and high durability. Also on horse races can be seen horses with horseshoes from titanium. Because of its durability titanium is used more widely by jewellers.

Another application is to make hulls for watches, spectacle frames, which do not cause an allergic skin reaction.

Titanium is often used in architecture. A 4 meter monument of Yuri Gagarin in Moscow, is made of titanium for the attractive colour of the metal and its relation to space technology. Not least parts of titanium are used as substitutes for traditional steel components in the arms industry, for example drum pistols or revolver frames.

In medicine, titanium is often used because of its biocompatibility - is not toxic and is not rejected by the body. Titanium is used in making artificial joints and dental implants that can stay in the body without interference over 30 years. Due to the non-ferromagnetic properties, such prostheses do not interfere with the performance of MRI studies.

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