Rolled Steel Products

We can offer you rolled steel - sheets, rods and tubes of carbon, alloy structural and alloyed steel.Those products are made by /supplied from different European manufacturers and warehouses.


Steel slabs are hot rolled, usually from one ingot. They are wide and rectangular.
Used for the manufacture of all 'flat' steel products, such as coils, sheets, strips, plates and other flat rolled steel products.

Steel billets result from the second stage of the production process of steel. They are hot-rolled from ingot. Usually with a square cross-section.
They are used for the production of all shapes such as rods, tubes, wire and wire products.

Cold rolled sheets

Cold rolled steel products are manufactured from hot rolled steel thickness, which is further reduced by pressure, without the use of heat.The thinner and flatter material obtained as a result is known as cold-rolled steel. Normal thickness is from 0.15 to 3 mm. The normal width is 600 to 2100 mm.
Finished cold rolled steel coils have excellent handling properties, electromagnetic properties and welding. They are suitable for production by pressing and bending. Applications include automotive manufacturing, lighting, electrical components (stators, rotors), roofing applications, profiled sheets, wall elements and more.



Hot rolled sheets and plates
Hot-rolled sheets and plates are manufactured by hot-rolling of steel bars. Normal thickness is between 2 to 150 mm and the maximum width is 2500 mm.
Used in shipbuilding, pressure equipment, industry and construction.

Structural steels
Structural steels are used for making steel sections for a more precise treatment. From structural steel are produced: rods, calibrated and polished rods with different cross section-round, square, rectangular and hexagonal. They are usually cold drawn.
The main area of application is the automotive industry: the engine, transmission, steering and suspension components, as well as structural steels are used for a wide range of industrial applications, including hand tools, exploration of oil and gas and wind turbine components.

Seamless tubes are made by the pre-heated blanks between rolls.
Boiler tubes, oil and gas industry and automotive parts are typical applications.

Welded Pipes
Welded tubes are made from hot-rolled or cold-rolled strips, sheets or plates. Welded pipes include: profile tubes, black and galvanized gas pipes / water pipes scaffolding and others, including pipes with larger outer diameter.
Welded pipes are used in a wide range of general engineering applications, as well as electrical and thermal power plants, oil refineries, automotive manufacturing and production of furniture.

Stainless steel is used mainly for stability and corrosion. All kinds of stainless steel include chrome minimum percentage: 10.5%. Other elements are added to improve corrosion resistance, and other metallic luster.
Its numerous and varied applications include the production of food equipment, storage, pumps and storing oils, gases and acids, special components for the automotive industry, cutlery, surgical instruments and fasteners.

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