Copper Tubes

The advantages of using copper tubes are many - reliability, guaranteed long life, easy installation and etc.
We offer copper tubes for water and gas, in sanitary and heating applications in full compliance with standards EN 1057 , for  refrigeration and air conditioning systems, in accordance with standard EN 12735.
Apart from those, our nomenclature includes also copper pipes that can be used for other purposes, for example in the production of electronics, which are manufactured in full compliance with standard EN 13600.
Copper pipes for industrial applications are manufactured in full compliance with standard EN 12449.
We also offer tubes with low phosphorus, Cu-DLP (EN), and tubes of conductive copper Cu-HCP and Cu-ETP for electrical applications.


type copper
Dimensions,mm Form of delivery
outer diameter Wall Thickness
Cu-DHP 6,0-22,0 0,5-2,0 roll,spiral
6,0-120,0 0,5-10,0 * Factory lengths (2-6 m) and fixed (1-6 m) lengths
* Depending on the outside diameter


Quality and tolerances are in accordance with EN 1057, EN 12735, EN 12449, EN 13600 or other global standards, as well as special requirements (special mechanical properties, more detailed tech specs, tighter tolerances, specific requirements for surface quality, etc..), which are determined by special technical conditions.

Names and standards for the production of tubes

Brand Number DIN ASTM
Brand Number
Cu-HCP CW021A EN 13600 SE-Cu 2.070 C 10 300
Cu-ETP CW004A EN 13600 E-Cu58 2.0065 С 11 000
Cu-DHP CW024A EN 1057
EN 12735
EN 12449
SF-Cu 2.0090 С 12 200
Cu-DLP CW023A EN 12449 SW-Cu 2.0076 С 12


The range includes copper tubes with inner diameter from Ø 5-76 mm and wall thickness of 0.35-2.5 mm. They can be soft, semi-hard and hard tubes.
We offer sanitary and copper industrial tubes, in accordance with the following standards: EN 1057, EN 12735-1, EN 12449, ASTM B280, ASTM B68/251, ASTM B88, GOST 617, GOST 11383.

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