Aluminium Powder

We can offer various types of aluminium powders of  the following names and grades:

Name Grades Standart
Aluminium powder pigment PAP-1, PAP-2 GOST 5494-95
Pyrotechnic aluminium powder PP-1T, PP-1L, PP-2T, PP-2L, PP-3T, PP-3L GOST 5592-71
Aluminum powder PAG-4S, PAG-4CL TU 48-0107-120-97
Hydrophilic aluminum powder grades GAP GAP-1, GAP-1m, GAP-2, GAP-2m, GAP-3, GAP-3m, GAP-4, GAP-4m, GAP-5, GAP-5m TU 1791-004-49421776-2011
Aluminium paste grades APG APG-1, APG-1m, APG-2, APG-2m, APG-3, APG-3m, APG-4, APG-4m, APG-5, APG-5m TU 1791-005-49421776-2011
Aluminium powder АСП (ASP) АСП-2 (ASP-2), АСП-3 (ASP-3), АСП-3/5, (ASP-3/5), АСП-4 (ASP-4), АСП-4/5 (ASP-4/5), АСП-5/5 (ASP-5/5), АСП-6 (ASP-6), АСП-7 (ASP-7), АСП-8 (ASP-8), АСП-10 (ASP-10), АСП-12 (ASP-12), АСП-15 (ASP-15), АСП-18 (ASP-18), АСП-22 (ASP-22), АСП-25 (ASP-25), АСП-30 (ASP-30). TU 1791-002-49421776-2006
Aluminium powder PA-0, 1, 2, 3, 4 GOST 6058-73
Aluminium sands AKP TU 48-5-38-78
Aluminium powder with Titanium ASD-T TU 1791-99-019-98
Powder APV TU 48-5-152-78
Secondary aluminium powder APV-P TU 1791-99-019-4091-95
Aluminium powder APG TU 1791-99-024-99

We also offer aluminium powders by the following granulometric composition:

Analysis A15 A20 A60 A80 A100
>1000μm traces traces      
>430μm 40% 1%      
>250μm 59% 62% 1%    
>150μm 1% 35% 59% 1%  
<150μm traces        
>75μm         1%
>60μm   1% 39% 77% 8%
<60μm   1% 1% 22%  
>42μm         16%
<42μm         75%
Density [g/cm3] 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,0
active Aluminium min. 98,50% min. 98,50% min. 98,50% min. 98,50% min. 98,50%

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