For slabs, blocks and packaging production

Granulation Type Origin Brand
1,40 - 2,50 Sconapor F 038 Germany DOW
1,25-2,0 Sconapor F 138 Germany DOW
0,80 - 1,60 Sconapor F 238 Germany DOW
0,63 - 1,25 Sconapor F 338 Germany DOW
0,40 - 0,80 Sconapor F 448 Germany DOW
0,4 - 0,7 A2000AE Hungary/ Italy
Polymers Europa
0,7 - 0,9 A3000AE Hungary/ Italy Polymers Europa
0,9 - 1,4 A5000AE Hungary/ Italy Polymers Europa
0,9-1,4 NF-514 Finland Styrochem



Blowing film

HDPE BA 550-13 made in Hungary
HDPE BS 501-17

made in Hungary

HDPE LITEN VB33 made in Czech
HDPE B-Y460-A made in Uzbekistan
HDPE B-Y456-A made in Uzbekistan
and other on request

For production of syringes

Продукт / спецификация Бележки
HDPE LITEN MB71 made in Czech
HDPE LITEN MB61 made in Czech
HDPE 277-76 made in Russia
HDPE PE2NT 22-12 made in Russia
HDPE PE2NT11-285D made in Russia
HDPE I-0760-A made in Uzbekistan
HDPE I-1,561-A made in Uzbekistan
and other on request


Product/specificatons Notes
HDPE FS 471-02, PFI 0,18 made in Hungary
HDPE PE4FE69 made in Russia
HDPE Marlex HHM TR-144 made in Qatar
and other on request

For the production of high-pressure pipes for gas and water

HDPE PE 80 P 502, PFI 0,13 black, pipes for water and gas, made in Korea
HDPE PE 100, PFI 0,3 orange, for pipes for gas
HDPE PE 80 PFI 1,4 black, pipes for water and gas
HDPE 5135b (P-Y342-A) made in Uzbekistan
and other on request



LDPE 10803 - 020 made in Russia
LDPE 15803 - 020 made in Russia
LDPE 15313 - 003 made in Russia
LDPE VILATERM made in Russia
LDPE BRALEN RB 03-23 made in Czech
and other on request




PP HP MOPLEN 400R made in Poland
PP HP MOPLEN 500J made in Poland
PP TATREN HG 1007 made in Slovakia
PP PFI 22 for fibers, made in EU
PP PFI 2,4-3,2 for foil produced

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