Cardboard and Paper

Cardboard and Paper -

On your request we can provide different kinds of cardboards and papers.


    Electro insulation cardboards;
    Graded cardboards;
    Cardboard binding;
    Gasket cardboards;
    Special papers.


Types of papers

Natural (uncoated) paper

The definitions of "paper", "cardboard", "cardboard heavy", depend on one hand the mass of 1 m2 and on the other- on their destination. For guidance, use the following values:

• Paper: <150 g/m2 (up to 400 g/m2);

• Cardboard: 150 to 600 g/m2;

• Heavy cardboard:> 600 g/m2;

Other types of uncoated paper with different quality and properties used in colour printing, and also frequently administered endless printing forms are:

• offset papers;

• papers in the  production of which is used Mackle (~ 100% composed of secondary fibers);

• Thin mailing paper (onion skin);

• Paper with a watermark;

• paper for printing documents (often with a watermark);

• transparent paper;

• Paper for inkjet printing (especially for inkjet printers);

• Special paper for electrophotography;



The cardboard refers to groups of papers, which are characterized by higher values in terms of thickness and weight. They are characterized by a number of functional advantages. The group of cardboards comes with the paper weight exceeding 200g/m2. This limit is relative and ranges from 150 to 250 g/m2 with different companies and sales representatives. All cardboards have a layered structure, which increases their thickness and hardness.

 The group of coated cardboards is characterized by excellent print, more accurate color rendition and better  gloss .

The structure of the coated paperboard is characterized by the following indicators:

- Coating (can be one or more);

- Top layer (one or more layers of material that can be bleached or unbleached cellulose pulp wood-pulp, bleached recycled paper)

- Inner layer (usually from recycled paper pulp wood-pulp, unbleached pulp)

- Back (single-layer or multilayer of raw materials such as bleached or unbleached cellulose pulp wood-pulp, recycled paper)

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